Connie vs longing – A Heart wishes…

I just finished reading “confounding the lottery” by Annie Duke. This was published in March, 2005. I just finished reading it, because I needed a short read, not because I wanted to share my love for Chance with the world. More Than likely my reasons for knitting, were less to do with my attraction to the play of chance, and more to do with the social awkwardness of the question, lumbung88 link alternatif “Will I win the lottery?” More than that, perhaps, my reasons were more to do with the desperate need to not care what I had to do to earn the money.

“Will I win the lottery?” I ask as I stare blankly.

If you know the definition of exactly what it means to you, you are as guilty as I am. But for the rest of you, and all you, who are asking, even if you do not know, the when and the why are irrelevant. You wanted to win, and you could not help but wonder, could you give it a try? And so you did, again and again, until you learned to pick the winning numbers. Even to this day, you still have hope, but it is a hope without an assurance.

You know what I did? I became a master character actor. I wrangled $10,000, through determination and a little bit of luck, and I played, and I won.

After I won, I started to play. I played for smaller prizes, and I won. I learned the hard way that determination is truly the key to a better life. When you see the opportunities that are right in front of you, you must not miss out on taking it, even at the risk of losing it.

That is the game. You know, the kind where you have to choose a number on a picky numbered card, and the cash is all in the knowing anticipation that you are not going to be able to finish it off, and yet you insist on playing anyway, just to cross your fingers and get the next number right.

It is a kind of gamble, don’t you think? But then, not many people have the nerve to go through with it. Why not? Because they are scared of losing something. Especially their lucky penny.

But not me. Not me. I have been through all the primed and loaded probabilities. I have won and lost a fair share of money. But I have also experienced the various emotions. relieved, depressed, grateful, grateful. I even believe that I am on the road to recovery. After all, recovery is for people who overspend and then stop, and thus can turn things around.

So, when the time comes to start playing again, remember the first rule, and don’t be greedy. The lottery, when the time comes to play, is about the numbers, the probabilities and the odds. Some may say that the odds are not in your favor, but as a rule of thumb, the general rule of thumb is the opposite of the majority. When you know the general rule of thumb, you will not go wrong.

If you want to win, try the painful and expensive surgery of turning everything upside down, including the beloved penny. Be careful when you pick up that penny, pick it up carefully, scratch it and let the planner know what you want, then turn the penny over and see the answer. Most lottery tickets have a spot or a bar code, take a look at that and play them again.

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