How to Stay Focused at the Tables

Every poker player knows that the key to their ability to be at their best and win consistently is to stay focused at the tables. deposit 20 bonus 30 ‘What is your #1 priority when playing poker?’ I hearask. ‘Should I have a book next to me or beside me?’

Good question. So, here are some ways that I try to stay focused at the tables.

  1. Watch your opponents. We all know that everyone is looking at their opponents but you, (the player), have a unique ability to see beyond the textiles of your opponents and pick up a lot of information that you can use against them.
  2. Think about what you have in your hand before you even think about what you opponent might have. Thetext books and coaches advice to always ‘check your hand’, but I am convinced that at times, youattempt to ‘see’ what other players, or the board cards, you don’t.
  3. Judge you opponents by their behaviour. When you follow a ‘Good Rule’, you will soon discover whether a player is using a ‘ coloureduit’ or just playing loose.
  4. countdown. When I’m in a hand, I never bet unless I have clearly identified my chances of having a winning hand.
  5. Never call a bet, even if you believe you are behind.
  6. AMA. Always remember to take the time to evaluate your handAdvanced Texas Holdem Poker Strategy AA-KK
  7. Slow-play. Take your time and wait for exactly the right moment to go all-in.
  8. tempt fate. Fold until you are sure you are prevailently beaten or there is a large pot, or a likely hand you cangers you with.
  9. Bid more than you feel comfortable at, or never take a stand unless you have a very good hand.
  10. Stay in tough situations. Avoid all ties, because in the end, it’s your cards that will define you as a player.
  11. Contain the need to bluff. Be very patient and wait for a good situation to bluff. When you get a good hand, you should bet it at this point, but you should also bet here in case other players genuinely think you have nothing.
  12. Stay in touch with your opponents, even when you are away from them. By keeping the pressure on your opponents, you will create hurdles in their journey as you will ultimately find ways to beat them.
  13. Never ever be too passive. If you only play in blinds and never call, sooner or later you will get a big hand and be out of the tournament.
  14. Know when to call it a day, even if you’re in the chip lead. If you’re losing, it’s probably time to quit and take a break.
  15. Learn when to give up. Don’t go on tilt, and don’t be stubborn when you’re showing price. Go for a break to clear your head. Come back later and you will still be a threat.
  16. Luck is only a very small,small part of your poker game. Don’t exaggerate the importance of luck by acting lackey.
  17. Pay attention to everyone, and everything, including your opponents. Put them on a hand and know when they are weak and play them.
  18. Know your position, and play aggressively in late position. If you know your position, you can influence the pot size in your favour.
  19. Bluff in the right circumstances. This seems to be a hard concept for many new players to understand, but bluffing is actually a tool to be used against the right players. If you decide to use it, be sure to hit the target and not get caught out.
  20. Take care with weaker hands.Playing in big pots with marginal hands can be very dangerous. Take care when deciding whether or not to enter a pot.
  21. Don’t be in a hurry to win chips.Please don’t lose chips as a result of being in a hurry to defend your blind. Although you’ll lose hands, you won’t lose too many chips.
  22. Semi-Bluffing is very difficult to use effectively.This is because you can no longer read your opponents to determine if they are displaying any weak areas. Therefore, you can’t be sure if you are displaying a strong hand or a weak one. It can also be very dangerous if your opponents fail to take a stand and fold, even when you have a strong hand.
  23. Being aggressive is a great way to win chips.This is especially true in online poker where you don’t have the benefit of seeing your opponents to determine if they are presenting a weakness.

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