Effective Money Management is the Key to Horse Racing Profits

Effective Money Management is the Key to Horse Racing Profits

Money management is the key to making profits from horse racing. Forget what anyone has said before about handicapping, form analysis, and stable history! It is all about Effective Money Management.

My name is Bryce Hitchen, and since 1993 when I became involved in the industry, I have been looking at many hundreds of systems that promote massive success in making profits from horse racing. Not one of them has stacked up to the promotional claims, and most have long since met their ultimate demise. There is one fundamental reason for this, and that is that not many of the systems on the market offer sound advice when it comes to how you leverage your operating capital to make a profit each and every day.

Let me quantify this statement in a way that nobody in the racing industry can refute. Even if you did nothing about studying form, or analyzing horses past ability and simply decided that your system was going to be nothing more than “following horse number 10” in every race that you bet on, you would be successful some of the time! This is fact and indisputable. However, if your Money Management Strategy was simply to place $10 on every Horse number 10 that you bet on (for the win), you may or may not make money (profit) with your strategy. Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s say that you have 6 horse races today that you want to bet on, and you have allocated $60 to be able to bet $10 for the win at each horse number 10, in each of those races. This is what it could look like.

Bet 1 $10 – Loss

Bet 2 $10 – Loss

Bet 3 $10 – Loss

Bet 4 $10 – Win – and the horse pays $3.50 for the win – You are now $5 down on your outlay

Bet 5 $10 – Win – and the winner pays $2 for the win – you are now $5 up on your days outlay

Bet 6 $10 – Loss

So from the 6 races you have bet $10 each on, you have won in two of them, and lost in four races. Your total outlay for the day has been $60 and your income has been $55.00. Your end result is that you have lost $5 or almost 10% of your capital in one day.

Now with effective Money Management there are various ways that this same race day could have been a profit for you instead. Let’s look at one of those methods now;

If instead of the win you had placed $55.00 on each Horse number 10, in each of those races, you would have won in two of those, and possibly in four of those races as well. Your total outlay for the day would have been $55.00. You would have had $50.00 profit for the day, and $45.00 loss.

This one of the most crucial rules of betting on Bolagila, and the missing link to being a successful better, is money management. Your Horse Racing Profits can be leaps and bounds ahead of your loses if you are able to make certain selections every day, and stick to them.

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