Winning Casino Blackjack – The Key to Winning Big

Going to the casino is a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to increase your odds of winning big. A bit of Basic Strategy and some card counting could be enough to boost your night out, but you need more than that if you want to be a serious player.

Basic Strategy

The reason card counting works is simple – it’s based on the fact that the deck has a near fifty percent chance of landing on a given card. Assuming the deck has fifty percent odds of coming up any card, the player has a 47.6 percent chance of getting a card of a given value. Once a card has been dealt you subtract that number of cards from the deck, and the odds again become 51.4 percent in your favor.

It’s only once in a while that the cards will come out in a way that doesn’t favor the player, and that’s when the player can use his skills to jump in and beat the casino. A skilled player can double his chances of winning over the house, and that is why card counting is an important part of the game.

Card counting is the ability to determine if the next card will help the player or the dealer. Once a card has been dealt, you can determine if it will help the player or hurt his odds of winning. Once a card has been dealt, you compare the number to the number on the card and determine if it is one you can make the profit from. If it is worse you just lose your money and don’t help the player, you add it to the till.

The fear of going over 21 is another factor that keeps card counters from taking large risks. Because the dealer has good odds it is not a wise idea to risk money if the dealer has a face card or 10. Going over 21 is the biggest mistake any dealer can make, and the player has no way of knowing if the dealer has this eye in the cookie jar.

The silver lady luck is another theory that keeps players playing blackjack. The belief is that the dealer scratches the silver lady twice (this increases the edge the house has over the player, an edge that the house wants to keep). When the deck is opened during play, there is myth that if the deck is opened in the middle of a shoe dealing that the silver lady will be released. Sic Bo players salivate when the silver lady is released and lose all sense of reality.

If you don’t believe it you don’t doubt it, so nobody does, but the evidence in favor of Sic Bo players suggests strongly that the dealer does not ‘mine’ as many players believe.

The harsh conditions in Sic Bo are not what keep players away. Perhaps it is the belief that the house will win the game? But with the numerous decks shuffled during each hand, and each introduction of a new card, it is highly unlikely that the original deal will be repeated.

In summary, online casinos are not comprised of a gambler’s paradise. Like in a land based casino, the same games are available – blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, etc – and the same rules apply. However, online casinos have added some elements to keep people in their homes. For many players chess is a game able to be played from anywhere, even indoor coffee shops or eating establishments.

However, these elements are also what make casinos so attractive and enticing. The astounding increase in the popularity of poker (both online and off) in just a few short years is testament to this. If anything the image of a casino or even the concept of casinos is now one of a den of law and vice. However, these same elements are what made casinos so appealing in our minds or hands forever. For those that want to see casinos in their hometowns, some ask about going to a ‘cialisetting’ place to get married. Better yet, if you lose the election and need to win a gambling bet, you can get one!

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